| Urban Mobility by me

What is Urby-me?

Urby-me (Urban Mobility by me) is a start-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland, created by two EPFL researchers, specialists in mobility. They have designed a smartphone app that allows users to carry out satisfaction surveys in real time. The app captures and measures the mobility behavior of individuals in a quantitative (distance, frequency of use, route…) and qualitative (perception of time and quality of service) way using GPS data tracking and asking question to users.  

What's new?

To gather and interpret  users' opinions is a complex task, mainly concerning public transportation. If social networks have created a new communication channel, the comments are not very useful, because they are incomplete, ponctual or impulsive. Classical surveys, done by questionnaires or telephone calls, are often imprecise and costly. As part of our Phd researches, we have imagined a new way of obtaining more accurate mobility data and travel experience perception using smartphones and GPS support.

Who are we?

Fernando Simas

CEO & Cofounder

  1. Researcher in the Urban Sociology Lab

  2. Architect & MA in Urban Studies (Brazil)

  3. Studying urban cable transportation systems and time spent in mobility

  4. Founding partner at Casa 8 (architecture firm)

Dominic Villeneuve

CTO & Cofounder

  1. Researcher in the Urban Sociology Lab

  2. MA Public Administration (Canada)

  3. Studying car dependence in non-motorized households

  4. 12 years Program Manager at Microsoft