| Urban Mobility by me

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get involved?

EPFL’s Transport research centre is a world-leading research institution. As part of our PhD research we came up with a new way to get more precise mobility data as well as quality of experience data using your smartphone and it’s integrated GPS chip. We believe the world needs better and more sustainable mobility solutions and with that motivation we started URBy-me. By participating in our research project, by simply downloading, installing and answering a few questions while you are in transit, you can help, Swiss-based researchers develop a new generation of mobility research tool, right here at EPFL in beautiful Lausanne. We hope you agree and will participate.

How much does it cost?

URBy-me is free to you. It is a research start-up project financed by EPFL’s ENAC Innoseed program. The data transmitted via your cellular network connection remains at your charge.

Who can access my data?

Your data is encrypted before being transmitted between your mobile phone and our servers so that no one else can snoop it. URBy-me staff and development partners (Swiss Tomato) will have access to the data, strictly for reporting purposes. Personally identifiable data will never be shared with other 3rd party and our reports to clients and partners only contain anonymized data.

Why IOS only and not Android?

This is the first release of our app and we had to decide which platform to start with. Since IOS is the most popular mobile operating system in Switzerland and since it is also the one we are most familiar with at URBy-me, we decided to start development on that platform. We will re-evaluate as the project grows to see when we can also develop an Android version.

Which versions of IOS are supported?

The application requires push notification in order to work properly. That feature was introduced in IOS version 5. So, we intend to support IOS version 5 and latest. But our testing is performed using the latest version of IOS (11). If you encounter problems that you think are related to your older version of IOS, please send us a mail at support@urby-me.com and we’ll do our best to help you.