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A new way of being heard

Why participate?

We believe that the world needs better, more effective and sustainable mobility solutions. By participating in our research project, downloading and installing the app and answering a few questions while you move, you can help to develop a new generation of mobility research tools. You can also give your opinion in real time and consult the results of the survey. Participation is free.

Who can access my data?

All data collected is encrypted before being transmitted from your mobile phone to our servers in Switzerland, so nobody else will be able to see them. Urby-me and the app developers have access to the data only for reporting purposes and share a confidentiality agreement. Personal data can not be shared with third parties and the generated reports to customers and partners contain only anonymous data. For details see our Privacy policy.

Why iOS and not Android?

This is the first version of our app and we had to decide which platform to start with. The choice was made based on the most widespread system in Switzerland. An Android version will be available soon.

What version of iOS should I own?

The application requires push notification in order to work properly. This feature was introduced in iOS version 5. However, our tests were performed primarily on iOS 11. If you find any problem that you think is related to your iOS version, please send an e-mail to support@urby-me.com


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