| Urban Mobility by me

Who is Urby-me for?

Urby-me is a modern way to conduct qualitative and quantitative satisfaction survey upon mainly public transportation users. We propose a paradigm shift towards a world of accurate and continuous data, collected directly by users' smartphones, during their journey. The method embodied in a smartphone application is addressed to transport operators or providers, but also to other players in the transport industry (railway manufactures). as well to public organisations and planning.

Why to work with us?

Our user interface allows professionals to evaluate the quality of public transportation system or the services that they propose. Our solution partakes in the current trend of crowdsourcing in mobility as well as social networks by letting users voice out their opinion and communicate them to the proper authorities. For the app user, URBy-me is a new tool for them to be heard.

For transportation systems, Urby-me is an exponential improvement to their knowledge about user experience.

What does Urby-me provide?

Urby-me collects data from transportation clients, combine and analyses them to produce reports (including demographic, usage/itinerary and service statistics). The questionnaires can be standard or developed with the agent according to its needs. Survey participants download the application and receive questions through notifications for a specified period of time. The application automatically detects whether the participant is using the surveyed service. Customer participation may be rewarded if desired.

The reports provide various parameters of transport and customer satisfaction, adaptable to the needs of the agent. Urby-me offers different degrees of analysis. We would be pleased to present them to you. Contact us.


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