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Terms, conditions & privacy policy

Effective date: October 16, 2017

1. Scope of application

The present terms and conditions of use is part of a legal agreement concluded between you ("user") and Urby-me, a start-up of the Urban Sociology laboratory at EPFL ("Licensor"). The service is available for free to the user, but the Licensor remains the owner of the service. No payment will be made to the user. However, other forms of incentive, such as gifts, are possible and will be informed beforehand.

Please read all this document to understand how the service works, how the licensor collect data and the terms of privacy policy of the app and website (section 4). By agreeing to use the licensor service, user agrees with the terms and condition.

2. Applicable provisions

The service is proposed by the licensor for the user as a platform to share mobility habitudes and user experiences. The Urby-me app enables users to measures their satisfaction in real time. Standard or customized questionnaire, different levels of result analysis. This is a more effective way to communicate personal considerations because congregate similar users that share similar opinions.

The Licensor service will use GPS tracking app “URBy-me” provided by URBy-me. Licensor will obtain the data by exporting and downloading it from their server. The data obtained will be used for the research purposes. Access to the data will be strictly controlled as specified in section 4.

User agrees that all worldwide right title and interest in and to all Intellectual Property Rights in and to all service fullest extent permitted by law is irrevocably assigned to Urby-me (Licensor).

Transportation companies, public institutions and other enterprises participants are ONLY supporters of the service and they have no co-responsibility neither legal rights on Urby-me services.

3. Restrictions

As a condition of use, the user undertakes not to use the service to share or transmit any content that is defamatory, obscene, abusive, offensive or that infringes the local laws. It is not allowed to use Urby-me service in a way that is not fully expressed and authorized by the Licensor.

4. Privacy policy and data gathering

The decision to participate or not in the survey is yours. Failure to participate will not bear negative consequences for you. As a participant, you have the right to withdraw from the project at any time by removing the app from your phone.

Data collection, recording and processing.

Urby-me collects location data from your smartphone. You can choose to stop collecting this data on logoff button. Please note that the app only works when the location service is always available. The app tracks user location at different frequencies, depending on the proximity of interest points. The mechanism records the data only when the user is detected to be on the metro and the 20 minutes prior and will stop 20 minutes after the user is detected to have left the public transport system.

Information you provide.

As long you participate by using the app, you will need to provide to the Licensor: your name, e-mail, password, gender and birthday. This data will be anonymized. This means that all data gathered later will make reference to an anonymous ID only.

How we transfer data.

All data is encrypted before being transmitted from your mobile phone to our servers. Urby-me researchers and eventually the application developers have access to the data only for reporting purposes. Personally identifiable data will not be shared with third parties.

How we use information.

We process and use the information to produce transportation analysis (origin destination survey) and to measure the quality of urban areas. For example: we can combine user information to provide reports related to the usage of public transportation. Some of these results will be available in our website www.urby-me.com. Other results will be available only for our internal research. Other third parties can mandate specific analysis of this data to enhance their policies and business. All these analyses have the aim to improve transportation experience and urban areas quality.  Our reports to customers and partners contain only anonymous data.

How we store your information. 

All information is stored in a server in Switzerland. No data will be stored locally in your mobile phone once transferred on our servers.

How we protect user information.

User personal information is contained behind secured networks. Licensor follows industry best practices for securing the data on its server. 

The limited number of persons that has access to the server information has signed the non-disclosure information agreement. If a data breach occurs: we will notify users by email.

Your access to the data.

For security reasons and to prevent vulnerabilities on our system, your personal data stored in the cloud server will not be available for your download, by instance. The user will be able to request and obtain a copy of his answers and tracking data in a csv format.

Data retention and deletion.

We will retain your information in accordance of this term and conditions. You may disconnect your account any time on the interface. The user can ask for deletion of all personal information. 

5. Regulatory context of ethical issues.

This project has three main ethical issues: privacy, right to examine records and informed consent. These three issues are addressed by the present in accordance with the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

Informed consent.

All users will be informed of all ethical aspects by agreeing with these terms and conditions before they give any personal information to Licensor.

We do not foresee any physical risk to the participants other than slight discomfort that might be associated with the fact of being tracked and have this mobility habits and opinions revealed in an anonymous way by Urby-me reports.


The main ethical aspect of this research is the issue of right to privacy, as geolocation data will be collected and could be misused. In order to protect the user right to privacy, the research team will take many steps along the process, as already presented in the section 4.

Right to examine records.

In order to respect their right to examine records, the user will also be able to request and obtain a copy of his answers and tracking data in a csv format. This must be a formal request in person, with a government-issued ID card and personal identifiable information matching service records.

The service was not specifically designed to children or vulnerable adults.

6. Warranty

Licensor does not provide guarantees of satisfaction on the usage of the service. If any problem is found during the usage of the service user is kindly asked to send a report to support@urby-me.com.

7. Download

Urby-me app is available for download on Apple App Store.

8. Smartphone

The app requires push notification in order to work properly. This feature was introduced in iOS version 5. However, our tests were performed primarily on iOS 11. If you found a problem that you think is related to your iOS version, please send an email to support@urby-me.com

9. Mobile phone network

Urby-me uses data services from your phone provider.

10. Mobile phone charges

The user is the only responsible for the payment of charges concerning cellular data usage, transfer and roaming on the smartphone. Licensor will not bear responsibility for these costs.

11. Battery

User understands that using the licensor service will consume smartphone battery. User is responsible for properly charge the battery and controlling power consumption. Licensor is not responsible for any issue related with lack of battery power availability.   

12. Licence

The Licensor is the only owner of the service.

13. Termination

The user can at any time uninstall the app, but the anonymous data gathered and integrated on the reports is the property of the Licensor.

14. Limitation of liability

User understands that the service has its limitations and Licensor is not responsible for the risks user takes using the app. Risks include, but are not limited to loss of any kind of economic gains or any commercial or personal damages or losses.

The smartphone must be handled by the user only when safety conditions allow. Licensor has no responsibility if the user undertakes risks using the app in adverse environmental conditions.

In case of any dispute which cannot be settled amicably, the laws of Switzerland, govern these Terms of Use and the usage of the service. To the extent not prohibited by applicable law, the courts of Switzerland in the district of Renens VD shall have jurisdiction.

15. Update

Last update October 19, 2017.

16. Controller

Fernando Simas, URBy-me


BP 2235

Station 16

CH-1015 Lausanne Switzerland

Email : urby-me@urby-me.com